Traditional Chinese Medicine For MS

January 17th, 2019 by admin

Perhaps looking to Western medicine for MS is not the only answer when it comes to the treatment for those afflicted. Many people are instead turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine instead as a way to find relief from the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that the roots of most diseases are affected by many factors including behavioral, spiritual, emotional, climatic and dietary habits.

The TCM approach to medicine for MS is to adjust environmental and human influences through changes in lifestyle, the use of traditional herbal medicines and physical therapy. In TCM the doctrine holds that all ingested substances have a direct effect on the body. This means that diet is adjusted to maintain the body’s balance by the way food is prepared and by the choices of foods.  In the traditional mindset all foods, herbs and medicines are considered part of the same subject when it comes to health.

Chinese medical doctrines believe that diseases like multiple sclerosis stem from an imbalance of spiritual and emotional factors. They think that the disease may lie dormant until it is trigger by an event such as an infectious disease. The theory is that the body is weakened by emotional or spiritual stress and thus more susceptible to contracting MS. Medicine for this is best described as putting your emotional and spiritual house in order. Meditation and talking with ones elders to resolve stressful issues is seen as the best treatment for this.

The Chinese like the West use the introduction into the body of a “medicine” for MS as a way to treat the symptoms. The only difference is that in the West various drugs are used that tend to create some very unpleasant side effects, whereas the Chinese solution is to use a mixture of herbs to achieve similar results. Tests conducted show that the Chinese have achieved remarkable success using a combination of herbs, acupuncture and other forms of traditional medicines in reducing the number of exacerbations experienced in large numbers of multiple sclerosis patients. It has been noted that these remedies or treatments may also help to relieve many other health problems along the way.

Medicine For a Yeast Infection – Make it Disappear Quickly

January 10th, 2019 by admin

When a person has a yeast infection it is vital that they embark upon the correct course of treatment to get rid of the infection quickly. Without medicine for a yeast infection the person will not get any better and it will simply continue to grow quite happily. Depending on the type of yeast infection there are different types of medical treatments that can be used.

For yeast infections of the skin a doctor will normally prescribe an antifungal cream which should be used directly on the skin irritation. If it’s present in the vagina a medicated suppository is recommended as this gets straight to the source of the yeast infection and will work to destroy it immediately. There are several different kinds of medications for a yeast infection and your doctor will know which is the best one to prescribe to you after examination. Your doctor might even decide to take swabs or scrapings from the yeast infection to see exactly what type of infection he or she is dealing with. In very severe cases when it has been present for some time an oral medicine may need to be taken in conjunction with a suppository or skin cream.

People suffering from a yeast infection can also buy an over the counter medication which can work very well. These are excellent if you are unable to get to the doctor to examine you as prompt action is essential when dealing with this disease. Even leaving an infection unattended for a few days, say over the weekend, can allow it to grow and become even worse. Yeast infections might be very problematic to live with but there are plenty of medicines that can be used to treat them successfully.

Prescription Medicine For ADHD and Why Your Child May Not Need It

January 4th, 2019 by admin

Why is there such an enormous increase in prescribing prescription medicine for ADHD? It is common place for a two year old to be on three different medicines! These are very disturbing facts and as a parent you should be questioning any prescription medicine for ADHD that your doctor is trying to give your child.

The first question you should be asking yourself is why the increase in supposed illnesses such as anxiety disorders, ADHD, bipolar disorder, autism in children? We are not talking a small increase, according to some reports like the PBS Frontline show “The Medicated Child” it was stated that there is a 4,000 percent increase in the last ten years of children diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The experts suggest many reasons including environmental reasons, misdiagnosis and genetics, but the real question is with so many side effects and no real knowledge of future repercussions of all the prescription medicines for ADHD in children is it still prescribed so freely. These children are given medication after medication. If one medicine doesn’t work let’s try another until finally they are so confused mentally that they actually do develop tics or mental anxiety issues.

This over prescribed mentality isn’t just for the children. If you go into your doctor’s office and ask for an antidepressant you’ll get it. If you have allergies and want a prescription it will be given to you. If you have osteoporosis the medical profession doesn’t explain in much detail about how to eat right, exercise and take vitamin D along with the calcium to maintain or reverse bone loss; or the fact that everyone loses some bone as they age; no, the first option with most conventional doctors is to prescribe “bone building” prescriptions that are now being proven to actually cause more fractures. The body has a wonderful capacity to heal itself in most instances if given the chance.

I can say from experiences in talking with parents that over half of the children taking prescription medicine for ADHD can in fact say no to teachers and the quick fix politics of medicine and find another alternative. I’m sure you have heard it before on the news about the American diet and how it is killing us and setting our children up for many illnesses in their future. Just getting back to a more healthy way of eating can reverse many illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Have you noticed how many children have food allergies in the last ten years? Do you think it might coincide with the fast food nation epidemic? I do.

Why risk your child’s mental health and future dependency on drugs with unproven and unstudied psychiatric drugs when there are so many other alternatives that do not have horrible side effects.

“For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect.”

~Pfeiffer’s Law~, Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer, MD, PhD

Best Flea Medicine For Dogs – Stop Fleas in Their Tracks

December 27th, 2018 by admin

K9 Advantix Blue kills 90-100% of flea on your dog within 12 hours and provides protection against re-infestation for four weeks or more. K9 Advantix also kills mosquitoes and most ticks that might try to attach themselves to your pooch.

This popular flea medicine for dogs is available without a prescription at prices that any dog owner can afford. Advantix Blue is a great product unless your dog is friends with a cat.

Ingredients in K9 Advantix can be harmful to cats if the cat is one that rubs against or grooms your dog. For homes where cats and dogs reside together, pet owners should choose Advantage, Frontline Plus or Revolution dog flea medicine.

Revolution for dogs is widely recommended by veterinarians and is a prescriptive flea medicine for dogs that also solves other health problems in canines. Revolution eliminates fleas while it also protects the animal from heartworm and other worm parasites. Revolution is approved by the FDA and is a systemic, broad spectrum parasiticide that has been shown to offer a high safety factor for canines.

Compared to other spot on flea products for dogs, Revolution is more costly than leading brands but adds the benefit of heartworm prevention that others lack.

Frontline Plus provides excellent flea killing properties with tick protection for dogs. In many areas of the country ticks are real problems especially in spring and fall. Ticks carry disease. Ticks are known to carry Lyme disease which afflicts humans but Lyme disease can also be spread to canines. Like fleas, ticks are dirty little insects that suck blood and not insects you care to have on your pup.

You may choose the option of orally administered dog flea medicines such as Program or Sentinel. These products prevent fleas from maturing but do not kill adult fleas present on the dog. They are not recommended for animals that suffer from flea allergies but are effective in interrupting the life stages of fleas to prevent the insects from maturing and reproducing. For dogs infested with fleas, owners may use the one dose Capstar in conjunction with one of the oral flea medicines to quickly kill off adult fleas.

For total protection from fleas, pet owners may need to take action over and above treating their dog. If a dog with fleas Is in your home you may need to kill fleas in your carpets, upholstery as well as thoroughly washing dog bedding and the area around the bedding.

If you live in states where fleas are active year round and climate is not cold enough to kill off the populations in the winter, you may want to treat your entire yard for fleas. The strong sprays meant to kill lawn insects are no longer available to home owners. The poisons in the sprays were great at killing fleas but poisonous to the environment.

Organic enthusiasts suggest sprinkling or spreading diatomaceous earth over your grass. This will not harm humans or pets but will kill fleas and other insects. It is definitely environmentally safe but you may need to re-spread this product every time you mow and most homeowners will not have the time or patience for this remedy.

Some professional pest control companies offer to spray your yard with chemicals such as Talstar or Demon WP which kill fleas as well as ticks, ants, roaches, spiders and other common bugs. These products contain growth regulators just as included in flea medicine for dogs and one application should last up to 3 months.

If your pet has fleas, attack the entire problem to rid yourself of it. Treat your home and your yard, wash all your pet bedding in very hot water, buy the best flea medicine for dogs from a reliable online source and make fleas and flea dirt a think of the past for you and your dog.